Consulting and Design Services | Emporio Skin


A constant study of tastes and trends


Our company is recognized as a true partner to the customer,even for the most demanding. Our consultants are able to offer solutions for the industrial market, as well as meet the most demanding inquiries of interior designers. The updated business, technical and product knowledge of our agents is the result of a continuous study of the tastes and trends of contemporary aesthetics. A sales network spread throughout the country offers a dedicated service in each geographical area. The customer service offers real-time answers on the characteristics of the order and on time delivery. Total quality, continuous innovation of design and timely service are our watchwords.


The culture of research and innovation enable the company to intercept the new trends in the field of contemporary living, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and contract use. A continuous work in progress on the aspects of quality and performance of the product is the condition for staying in tune with the evolving international partner companies. A team of research and development of high-level provides daily customized studies to the biggest companies in the market. A wide range of decors finishes, including the synchropore, provides adequate answers to even to the most demanding designer.